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A lender may not accept your loan application because of spray foam insulation. However, the solution is to contact a spray foam removal company.

The reason lenders and mortgage companies do not like lending on properties with spray foam insulation is because of the unseen damage caused to roof timbers. The best solution to the problem is to contact a reputable spray foam insulation removal company and have the offending insulation removed. It can then be replaced with a more efficient type of insulation and one that meets British standards. 

Spray Foam Insulation Removal: The Process 

The process of removing spray foam insulation from a property’s roof is never easy and when professionally carried out, the process is labour intensive. However, if it means a lender will look favourably on your loan application, the mess, the cost, and the effort is extremely worthwhile. 

A competent company will remove the spray foam from all your roof timbers which allows them to breathe because of improved airflow. When the work is carried out by a reputable company, it may involve removing existing roof tiles too. As such, the process may take a little longer. But the good news is that this should not affect the total cost. A reputable spray foam insulation removal firm will always carry out a detailed internal survey prior to pricing a job. As such, the cost of spray foam insulation removal is known from the outset. 

Another positive of employing the services of a competent foam spray insulation removal company is that when the foam is removed from all roof timbers, everything is thoroughly cleaned. Once this is achieved, as previously mentioned, new insulation that meets British standards is installed which means your loan application will not be turned down due to spray foam insulation issues.

Getting Help with Spray Foam Insulation Removal is the Best Option

You can find many spray foam removal products on the market. However, having an expert carry out the process means the removal will be done thoroughly and correctly. In short, the spray foam is removed without causing any further damage to roof timbers and walls. When an expert does the work it ensures the results meet a potential lenders’ requirements. This is due to the lender’s surveyor report being closely followed.

Why Choosing a Reputable Spray Foam Insulation Removing Company Works

You will find many spray foam insulation removal companies by simply Googling your needs. However, choosing a competent company means the process will be:

Professionally assessed before a quote is provided

Although the work is labour intensive, a competent company ensures the work is carried out in a timely manner without leaving any stone unturned
The work is messy. However, a reputable spray foam insulation removal company ensures any mess made is cleaned up when the work is completed
Should you choose to have the work carried out by a company that rushes to get the foam removed, you may face further costs. You may have to pay for any damage they do on top of having the spray foam insulation removed. In short, getting the work done by a competent spray foam insulation removal company in the first place can make lighter work of the process.